7 Step Peace Plan?

It is indeed interesting to see Biblical prophecies being fulfilled right before our eyes!  Some, like natural disasters (earthquakes, pestilences, some famines, or heavenly events) or the timing of certain foretold events (the reforming of Israel as a nation) cannot be manipulated by man, some can, like the famine that California farmers are experiencing because of Federal Government decisions to not allow them to have water because a little fish is near extinction[http://www.nytimes.com/1992/02/15/us/us-cuts-off-california-farmers-water-supply.html].  (This is why vegetable prices are skyrocketing.)

With the decision of the Nobel committee for Peace to grant President Obama the Peace Prize (whether you agree with that decision or not) this gives him a legitimacy or seeming legitimacy to conduct new peace talks between Palestinians and Israel.

It is interesting that so much time and energy is going on for a peace plan there.  While the battle was brewing between Northern Ireland and England was raging, we saw a lot of footage of the carnage, but there was never a “Camp David Peace Accord” between the two.  There are multiple issues raging now and have been in Africa, no peace accords there.  But a tiny area in the mid east has cost the US millions to try to facilitate peace.  Why?  Because of one prophetic statement Jeremiah issued:

Jeremiah 6:14 They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

Notice it is another people group that “slightly” heals the hurt of Israel, who are consistently pushing peace, but the result is continued uprisings and tumult.  Another less known statement from Jeremiah is 8:15:

We hoped for peace but no good has come, for a time of healing but there was only terror.

Israeli people are constantly on edge for fear of attack.  On buses, in cafe’s, or malls, Jews have a constant nagging of knowing they could die in a homicide bombing.  They are searching for peace and a time of healing but only have a fear terror at any moment.

Now, we know the Bible states someone will come onto the scene and offer a 7 year peace plan to Israel. (Interesting God knew not only the fact that Israel would become a nation again, He also knew there would be no peace in the new state, so much so that there would need to have peace accords.)  We know there will be a 7 year plan for peace presented.  We are looking for it.  So in order for those who are going to present it to do so without consternation and publicity from Christians, they are going to have to be nuanced in their approach.  Either they are going to be secretive about it being a 7 year peace plan that is proposed, or they are going to have to be deceptive about it.

God has shown me the peace plan will be a stepped plan. Whether it has 7 steps or 5 or even 3, each step will be have a time period in which it must be accomplished.  The final step will be required in the 7th year after the plan is started.

I will present this as a 7 step plan.

After each step is accomplished a reward is going to be offered to be paid to each side as a carrot to continue to the next step.  Each will have a greater reward offered if it is accomplished, as each step will require greater effort on each side.

Step one: Israel will be asked to stop building settlements in areas that are believed not to be theirs (although God gave it to them).  Palestinians will be asked to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Step two: Israel will be asked to bring down the wall they are building, Palestinians will be asked to acknowledge the fact that Jerusalem is the center of 3 world religions, and as such, allow a Jewish temple AND A CHRISTIAN church to be built on Temple mount.  The Church is going to be used to keep the peace.  Of course the promised pay off MUST be big for this to be allowed.

Step three:  Israel and the Palestinians will be asked to set aside land in Jerusalem for a world council to build facilities to be headquartered there.  This will be the easiest step to accomplish as both sides will be happy to do this for the honor it would bring their region, as well as the jobs and wealth it will bring.

Step four and on.  There will be no more steps.

All of this CAN be accomplished now that a man that is trusted by the Muslims is on the scene almost out of nowhere.  One of the key reasons the Nobel committee chose Obama for the Peace Prize is the fact he brings Hope to the world.  The fact that he stated in Germany that we are all citizens of the world.  The fact that one of his stated goals is to bring a better understanding and legitimacy to the Muslim world.  In fact, he stated to those who were gathered in Cairo to hear his speech that the US is a Muslim nation[http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/02/obama-signals-themes-of-mideast-speech/].

I write this so you can be prepared. So you can “know the times and seasons” in which you live.

Next Blog. “Neat things in Genesis Chapter 1.


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