Devastating Earthquakes

Devastating Earthquakes are on the horizon.  When the peace plan that I talked about in the last blog is in the second stage, there will be several HUGE earthquakes on 5 continents.  I will focus on the one that will strike the United States as that is the one that God has spoken to me about.  It will run from the area around Topeka Kansas and will run through the area around Chicago Illinois.  It will kill millions.  It will disrupt financial centers, power grids, and main traffic arteries. To be sure it will cause great chaos.

This will be a time of great confusion and will be an opportunity for the “Beast” of Revelation 13 to bring some semblance of order from the chaos.  With great oratory skill he will sooth the world.

The rapture of the church will coincide with the earthquakes.  The Beast will take the opportunity once it is realized TRUE Christians everywhere are missing.  Since all three major religions who claim Abraham as a patriarch also accept the Old Testament of the Bible as Holy Scripture, the Beast will use this opportunity with the backing of the Anti-Christ to state “Just as Moses had Korah oppose him and was cast into the pit with a great earthquake, so have WE had those who opposed us at every step to bring peace among all people.  Allah has now made great earthquakes to swallow them up.”

Next Blog, “A Scene From The Godfather In The Bible?”

UPDATE 2/27/10

Chile has just had the LARGEST Earthquake ever recorded.  Below is a link to a building devastated because of it.  Just picture a continent ripped apart the same way.  And how people will fall into the earth the same way someone on the upper floor of that building was eaten by the power that caused it.


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