Finding Hope In A Fallen World

We have come a long way from what we were just 30 years ago.  Since that time our world has witnessed a downward spiral like never before.  What is interesting is it seems the faster knowledge increases, and technology advances, our moral climate decreases at the same breakneck speed.

Thirty years ago we did not have a divorce culture.  Today we are entering a Post Marriage culture.  I am a realist and understand why many would feel like not marrying today.   There is no permanency in relationships, they have lived almost 20 years of a divorce culture caused not only by the “Free Love” 60’s but also the “Me” and the “Greed” 70’s and 80’s.

We now have an administration that is pushing us further down that immoral road.  He has placed some as his advisers who have commented positively about NAMBLA.  Even acting on it by telling a past student to use condemns when he has gay sex with older men that he finds in bus terminal bathrooms.  That was illegal then as it is now, however it seems to be becoming the new abnormal.  This is the result of the flawed study by Kinsey of sex devients in prison, which he brought mainstream.

We also now have doublespeak going on from our government officials.  When they say they want to cut spending or will not ad one cent of tax to the middle class, then have a deficit numbering in the TRILLIONS of dollars, (some say it will go to 13 trillion before their through) we know they are lying.

But there is hope.  We can turn to the Bible for the truth.  In Revelation it states clearly what is happening right now.  It tells us how to avoid being caught up in what is soon coming onto the scene.  That being forced to take the verichip ( in order to buy and sell, or following the false religion that has a false “Prophet” and beheads those who turn away from it to follow Christ (Rev 20).

In Revelation Jesus says he stands at the door and knocks, all you have to do is open the door of your heart to him.  We live such a short life on this earth.  He offers you eternal life if you trust in him.


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