Questions Need To Be Answered IN Health Care Debate!

Some preliminary info first.

Members of congress and the President swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. They do everything they can to dismantle it. They say it is a “living, breathing, document.” Interesting that the only thing they think is written in concrete about it is, WHAT IS NOT IN IT, but was misinterpreted by black robed thugs, to wit:
Separation of Church and State is not in it— Right to privacy (abortion) is NOT in it— Right to free government health care IS NOT IN IT!

Democratic congressmen and senators and the President have been demonizing the Health Care industry.

They should clean up their own closets first, see if you have ever heard of these characters:

  • Blagojevich: Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges.
  • Rangle: Under investigation of hiding personal gains for rental property in the Carribian.
  • William Jefferson: Bribery, money laundering and misusing his congressional office.
  • Spitzer of New York: resigned after revelations that he was involved in a prostitution ring.
  • Geitner:  Failed to pay taxes.
  • Murtha: Abscam and lying about our Marines.
  • Dixon: Indicted for perjury.
  • Dodd: Preferential Mortgage treatment.
  • Daschle: Tax Evasion
  • Kilpatrick: Charged with perjury, obstruction of justice and official misconduct stemming from a sex scandal and a whistle-blower lawsuit.

Now, name ONE executive from the Medical Insurance industry (which employs MILLIONS of people which will loose their jobs if Obama has his way) who is under investigation?  You can’t.


Name ONE government social program that has worked?

Social Security: INSOLVENT— For the past 3 months Social Security has been upside down on what is takes in verses it’s payouts.  It reached parity 4 months ago, something that was not suppose to happen for nearly 10 years from now. Social Security in the Red.

War On Poverty: FAILED —- Even after spending 5.4 trillion dollars.

Medicare: FAILED —- Could You Die Faster? Medicare’s Broke.

TARP: FAILED —- Failed Bank List

Stimulus Package: FAILEDTime for a Second Stimulus?

Only someone who is putting out doublespeak could POSSIBLY claim the government is helpful in ANYTHING it does. Congress who has been controlled by democrats for the last 3 years and congress writes the spending bills, so the mess we are in now cannot be blamed completely on the Bush administration. OUR COUNTRY IS BANKRUPT, and it is because we were never meant to be a mommy (read “socialist) state where we get our every want.
The problem that the Obama administration and the people who voted for it has is this, make believe (hope and change) makes one feel good, however reality should put an end to it. The Apostle Paul wrote something 2000 years ago that is apropos to them: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (1 Cor 13:11). It is CHILDISH FANTASY to think you can have something from nothing (evolution anyone?). Liberals (socialists and communists) have had this Utopian Idea for over 100 years now, the reality is, things cost money, money is actually the trading of peoples time (parts of their lives) for an agreed upon commodity (money, food, product, etc.).

So these questions need to be answered before it is to late and we become serfs, and they have to be answered in reality, not with what we “hope” it should be:

1. How can we let corrupt people in congress and the Whitehouse, who are responsible for bankrupting our country touch our health?
2. Since every other program has failed miserably, how is government run health care going to fair any differently?
3. Since every program has had MAJOR (3 digit multiples) true costs instead of estimated costs, what will be the result if the criminals in congress get their hands on our health care?
a. Rationing?
b. No end of life care?
c. Pushing people to assisted suicide?
d. Denying procedures or types of health care by a government bureaucrat.

4. Since there will be no profit from the years of school and the monetary cost of that education, and the high responsibility for peoples lives, what quality of people will become doctors? (Remember, with government contracts, the ones who get the contract are the lowest bidders.)
5. Do you desire not to have elective corrective surgeries such as lasik, stomach stapling, corrective dental procedures such as straighten teeth (braces), etc.?
6. If it will be so good, why doesn’t congress agree with going on it?

Adults know that fantasy is not real, some children do also, however, the majority in this country, and in congress, and in the White House are living in Alice in Wonderland!

Next time: What Is The Best Bible Study Method For A Family?


3 thoughts on “Questions Need To Be Answered IN Health Care Debate!

  1. I should preface that I do agree with a level of caution with the health care bill. I believe strongly in economic conservatism, and think that the people of the country need better understanding into what the cost is for social programs. Just look at California. But this is a serious decision that is fraught with propaganda from both political ideologies. While I do agree with your cause, I am appalled at the lack of logic behind your reasoning.

    If the constitution is not a living document, how have things been added to it and changed over the existence of our country? I will agree that the bill of rights is not a living document or subject to change, but when amendments to the constitution have been added in modern times, how can you argue that the document is static?

    People need to understand that amendments can be added, but doing so is a serious thing and should only be completed conservatively, slowly and with serious philosophical thought.
    And you need to understand that just because a right is not granted specifically from the constitution, we do not benefit from the existence of something that government provides that is not a right. The constitution does not allocate the right to protection from a national military. Does this mean we shouldn’t have one? No. That would crazy. Is it unconstitutional or socialism that this non-right is provided to us?

    Seperation of Church and State:
    Amendment 1: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therof.”
    How do you interpret the first half of this statement in a way that provides for religious based government action? They are kept separate for a reason. Read Jefferson’s personal writings.
    Abortion. You are right. There is nothing in the constitution to defend either side’s argument. That is what makes it such a difficult subject.

    I do agree that there is some cleaning to do in the closets of many of our leaders. But that is a problem that is again rampant through both sides, has always been there, and will always be there. No matter what the structure, be it politics or business, powerful people will always be tempted by corruption. It is why we have the checks in power built into our government. These lawsuits that you refer to are the systems way of cleaning these people out.

    Unlike government officials, medical insurance CEO’s corruption is completely legal, and that is where the fault lies in your comparison. But you are right. I wont waste my time searching for an insurance CEO under investigation. But if you like I can get you a list of the lawsuits filed against the companies, based on their decisions, that they profited from. And while I do agree with you in that I am against a system that would hurt this industry, when you look at the plans, Obama has pushed a compromise with these companies from the start. The left could be pushing for their eradication and a single payer system, but they aren’t. Why? Because they profit from the private health care system just as much as the right does.

    You asked for one government social program that has worked.
    How about: Police. Firemen. Education. Highways. The Postal service. The US Military. Public Attorneys.
    Each of these are very costly, often times underfunded, and sometime corrupt. Most of these have private industry equivalents that are more efficient than they are: Bodyguards, ?, Private Schools, ?, UPS/FedEx, Black water, Private Lawyers. Does the existence of these competitors and inefficacies mean that we should remove these services from society?
    Despite their negatives, I would never say that we would be better off without these servicemen.

    I will state that each of these is more efficient at the state level than they are nationally. The argument should not be “social services are bad.” It should be “social services are best managed and paid for, for a community by that community.” The failings of social security, Medicare, and TARP are not in the fact that they are ‘social programs’ but in their broad mismanagement that a solution for one person is the same across the board.

    They ARE more inefficient than a 401k or health insurance but just like police and firemen, we should not abolish these things, but concentrate on innovating them locally so that they work a little more efficiently.

    The War on Poverty is similar to the war on terrorism. We will never abolish every person who will use fear are a weapon, nor will we ever be able to establish a world where everyone is rich. Does this mean we shouldn’t work to minimize these things?
    As for the stimulus package. It is simply too early to see if it did anything, good or bad. Keep in mind it is still debated what it was that pulled us out of the great depression. I was disappointed that certain programs were kept and other ones cut, as well as the price tag of the entire ordeal.

    You are right that the economic mess can not be completely blamed on Bush. But it can’t be completely blamed on the Dem’s either. It is the fault of Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and all of the congresses along the way. They all rode the high from our WW2 production level and failed to see a future in which we have international economic competition. Will Obama soon be added to this list? I think so. But this will not end until we start producing something nationally that the world needs/wants. Does this mean our government doesn’t work? No. It means we need to adapt as a nation and work for the change, just as we did during WW2.
    Don’t quote the bible when arguing politics. As much as I respect the book’s philosophical teachings, Jesus was an idealist, utopian chasing, socialist. This does mean his ideology is wrong, just that we need to find a reasonable solution that works economically.

    Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. Because if we don’t like it, we get to fire them all and hire people who will overturn it.
    2. As of yet, national government run healthcare for all has yet to hit the table. As soon as it does, I will be on your side.
    3. We go further into debt. It will be bad if we do not start producing things as a nation. But the exact same thing can be said about the war, and I will not give the left an argument that can be used identically to end our national security.
    a. Rationing already exists. It is how any form of insurance, public or private is made profitable or stable.
    b. Fear mongering and propaganda.
    c. Fear mongering and propaganda.
    d. I would rather be denied a procedure based on national consensus (election) than by a private organization that would profit from denying me. The bureaucrats do not decide, the people do. Welcome to democracy.
    4. There will still be profit in being a doctor, which is why most doctors are in favor of a public option. It would bring them more money. Doctors like Medicare because it means more clients that they wouldn’t have with a 100% privatized system. If you want to protect doctors, argue more for Tort reform to protect doctors financially. That is their true curse/crutch above their student loans.
    ((My girlfriend is an emergency room physician who took out loans for school, and has really opened my eyes to a lot of the intricacies I never considered with this. I would never support a system that would financially weaken doctors for the purely greedy reasoning that my future family will depend on that income. I have yet to see a plan that will do so, but when I do, I will oppose it.))
    5. My private insurance does not cover these things. If someone can not afford private insurance and have to choose the public option, why would they get something that I have to pay for out of pocket.

    6. Because politics is a game where it is better to bet against a winning horse than bet for a losing horse. If a congressman bets against a bill that people end up benefiting from, people don’t care because they still got the benefits. But if he votes yes on a program that crashes, the people will not forget, and he will lose his job.
    After the last election, the right is really concerned for their jobs. Voting No on anything big is the best way to secure their strength.

    The reason I wrote this is because at one point you said “Only someone who is putting out doublespeak could POSSIBLY claim the government is helpful in ANYTHING it does.” Nothing the government does is good? Nothing? Then leave. Go be an anarchist somewhere else. There are plenty of countries out there that attempt to do nothing for their people.
    In its history, our government has done some of the worlds most amazing things in providing, protecting, and caring for it’s citizens. And yet people like you sit there and take all of those tough decisions for granted. Is our gov perfect? No. Are we the best option out there? Yes. Do we always strive to be better at what we are already the best at? Both the right and the left, everyday, with blood and sweat.
    When it comes to our government, you have three options: Participate, ignore it, or leave. I applaud that you are attempting to participate, but do so with a much more conservative (methodology, not ideology) approach. Social programs are not inherently evil. They are a part of an advanced society. We accept their inefficacy because of their ability to bring stability and security to the corners of our society we all interact with, but that the free market does not provide for. The political realm is for how we approach them fiscally and geographically.

    To participate, you need to be for something. I am for affordable, limited, localized programs that benefit the working poor to build a stronger middle class. After your entire rant, I still do not know what you are for, just what you are against and that you are fairly angry. But the conservative philosophy of governing will not be able to make a comeback based on anger and reluctances. It needs thought, and it needs to build something.
    I urge you to take your ideas and build something better. Something that will reduce inefficiency, be affordable, and that will, in the end, help people. That is the voice the conservatives need. Not this craziness.


  2. I will answer you more fully in another reply when I actually have time to do so.
    In regards to the government doing good.
    Thomas Paine stated, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

    The best thing government can do is stay out of the way of the free market, with the exception of controlling Monopolies.

    In regards to the Constitution, the Constitution AS WRITTEN allows for amendments, but we must use the process that it lays out for those amendments. The problem is there are those who know they cannot change it as written, so, they find judges that have their opinion and continue it up the chain to the Supreme Court that is SUPPOSE to judge whether or not a law is constitutional, NOT rewrite it by fiat, which is what has happened.

    In regards to the “Establishment Clause”. What religion has been made up by our government? (Maybe atheism) None. Could Establishment there not be referring to that then, but the entity of religion? The problem is this, congress has made laws outlawing religion in public schools due to pressure of the courts. But that goes against the amendment. They are to make NO law, in respect to religion EITHER WAY. And the courts rulings have definitely ruled in defiance of “Free Exercise”.

    “You asked for one government social program that has worked.
    How about: Police. Firemen. Education. Highways. The Postal service. The US Military. Public Attorneys.”

    These are enumerated in the Constitution. What isn’t are social programs which require one person being forced to support another.

    I will address more later.

    But, thank you for your honest thoughts on this.


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