What Is The Best Bible Study Method For A Family?

Bible study? Who studies the Bible any more? Well, a lot of people do. But a family Bible study? How can someone do that?
Well it is pretty simple really. You start with prayer, a genuine heart felt prayer. If you are genuine in asking for God to reveal himself and an understanding of the text you are studying, he will do just that. He has promised, if we ask anything in his name, if we are doing it for the right reason, he will do it. I think he is more than able to keep his promise on that, no matter who you are, or what you have believed, or what you have done. He can even handle it if you are angry with him, after all, he is a GOOD Father, and he loves you very much.

In regards to having a Bible study with your family, at first, because it is new, it will be a little awkward. One thing though, you HAVE to determine in your heart you will do it for at least 3 months, after that, it will be something that you all look forward to, or it can be the time that you decide it is not for you, that way there is no pressure, at least after the first 2 or 3 times when your family gets into the routine.
I found some kickback at first, but it is interesting once everyone knows they will have a part how interested they are in it.
I will get to how we study last.
Here are several methods that some have found helpful:

  1. Using a prepared lesson from a Bible book store, or on line.  These are fairly easy to do and you can find them with age appropriate material.  The one problem with these is they are written by others who may want to steer you in a certain direction, this is not bad, however it does not allow for God to direct where the conversation should lead.
  2. Using a devotional and reading the story that goes along with it.  These can be great for a surface study, however, they are meant to help you personally in your walk.  They usually only contain one verse, so there is no way to see the context.
  3. The way we do it is a book of the Bible at a time.  We pick a book, then try to get a chapter in per study.  We use several translations to see any nuance that may be there and go where we feel God is leading.  It is so interesting how TODAY and relevant it’s messages are.  (You can check out a couple on this blog already, “A Scene From The Godfather”, and “Some Neat Things In Genesis Chapter One”)  This is the way it seems the Bible calls for study, “Line upon line, precept upon precept.” Isaiah 28:13.  A good Bible dictionary and using a website like Biblos which has a lot of references is good as well.

Which ever way you decide, it can benefit you to have a family Bible study, it helps to bond your family, gives opportunity to discuss different issues of life that will come up in the text from time to time, and could set in motion a dynamic which will bring hope to you in knowing your children have established a lifetime habit.

My prayer for you and your family is that peace will be a result.

Next time: Times Prayers Were Answered Instantly Or At Least Quickly


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