God Judgers

I find it interesting that those who are offended when you bring up that they are sinners, (We are all sinners) often say back to you, “Thou shalt not judge!”  Yet in the same conversation will bring up things like, “I don’t want to serve a god who lets little children die.” or “A good god would not allow someone like Hitler to kill millions of people!”  Aren’t they being hypocritical?  Aren’t they judging God?

That shows how excessively sinful they really are, they are also proving the Bible true.  For it states people will say “Why have you made me this way?”  In other words, they are trying to say that it is not their fault that they are the way they are.  They don’t want to admit what they do, to take responsibility for their lives, then they blame God for being the way they are, then use the accusations that are lies against God to justify their sinfulness.

The real question is why are they keyed in on their most guarded sins?  They are at the ready to shout down those who may mention those sins with the “don’t judge me!” and the “If God was a good God….”, as if they KNOW they are making excuses for their sin.  Again the Bible says that His law is written on their hearts.

The problem is their sin has them enslaved.  Satan has them so chained to their sin that they become comfortable in their slavery.  They start believing God does not have their best interest at heart.  They think He wants to take away their cookie.  When in fact God has the key to the lock on the chain that is keeping in the unhappiness they are enduring in life.

If you are using these excuses against those who care enough for you to bring up these things, please read the information I have written under the “About” section on the right hand side of this blog.  You can find out how to gain your true freedom.  I hope you do.


2 thoughts on “God Judgers

  1. First of all I do not believe in sin.

    Second of all I find that post rather humorless and narrow.

    Third God is a loving and forgiving God.

    Fourth You may be a lying thief but I am a child of the Universe and I am doing the best that I can. God or Goddess, no one can ask more than that of anyone.


    • Bonnie,

      It does not matter whether you believe in sin or not, you could be standing in a highway and say you do not believe in trucks, but reality will hit your faith and you will die.
      Your reply also is illogical. If there is no sin, what does God have to forgive?
      Also “doing the best you can” is still no where near God’s holiness, which is HIS standard. You see, God is a Just God, and he has laid out the penalty for sin, that is death and banishment away from Him. Let me put it this way, what if one of your family members were brutally raped and murdered, and when that person was standing before the judge in court, with you in witness, stated, “I know you are a loving and forgiving judge, I now realize what I did was wrong, please forgive me!” Then the judge said, “I am glad you realize what you did was wrong, you are now free to go.”
      Would that be a good judge? By what you wrote you would say so. I disagree with that. He would be a terrible judge, yet that is what you want from God. If what you wrote were the only thing that I have stated, yes, indeed it would be humorless and narrow. However, that is not all that I have written. God made a way back. That is through the death of his Son, Jesus. If you accept that fact, then repent (turn away from your sin) God will give you eternal life with him!
      That indeed IS good news!


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