I am conservative, I believe that competition reduces prices and creates innovation. The ONLY thing that the Democrats have done that I agree with is the breakup of AT&T in the 1980’s. Through that breakup, local calling went from 5 cents per minute to nill depending on the package you get. Long distance went from sometimes $1s per minute down to the 5 cent range. No one was forced to be on a “Party Line” where several customers were on the same line, where you had to wait for them to hang up before you could make a call, and they could listen in on it. Why? Competition would give you a better deal.
The thing that I CANNOT STAND about the Republican Party is their allowing big corporations to buy up their competition. Big Oil is one of those. When you hear they only make a couple of cents per gallon profit, don’t be fooled by that. That may be true on the FINISHED PRODUCT, but it is not a true OVERALL picture. Big Oil OWNS the mineral rights throughout the ENTIRE United States, and I can assume that is true in many countries. That is the reason they developed the horizontal drilling technique. Say a rancher did not want them to drill on their land, the company would go to the next property owner, give them some royalty stipend, horizontally drill under the first property owners land, take the oil and the rancher would receive nothing.
They get the oil for next to nothing. The “Sell” it to themselves through holding companies they own, ship it in trucks they own, in ships they own, and send it to refineries they own. Each part of the way, it is “sold” to differing holding companies, where profits are extracted, and which are NEVER used by those defending them.
Next they go to the government to control pricing. Basically State and Federal government has colluded with the Major Oil Companies in PRICE FIXING. That is why when you drive through a city all the gas stations are within a cent of each other for a gallon of gas. The argument from both the government and the oil companies is “to maintain a stable supply”, again collusion. … See More

Would it be the consumer with lowered prices, or the Corporations with lowered profit, and Congress with lowered re-election funds?


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