Fallen and Domesticated

Ranchers have long known that castrating a bull would tame it.  As you may have read in “God Loves Wild Men” you know that God created us in a wilderness- wild, unharnessed, dangerous. However, we lost that aspect of our lives-though it still lurks under the surface- in the fall.  Before sin entered the picture, man was in total control of the animal and plant kingdoms, nothing was held back from him.  But he lost it.  He was tamed.

In our lives we are now controlled by our emotions- pride, jealousies, weakness.  Almost immediately after the sin of Adam, we find that God’s warning was indeed true, that man was now finite, and could die. But this was a brutal case of sibling killing, in which blood was spilled, and God states that blood cried out, cursing the ground even more than it had already been.

Man also started forsaking the wilderness for living together in a great city, and with that, their ideas and knowledge became corrupted, so much so that God stated,

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Gen 6:5

How far had man fallen from his former self- one of communion with the Creator/Father God.  A communion where God initiated the relationship, where God’s voice (Jesus) walked in the garden with open communication with Adam.  He had everything he could ever desire, until a serpent planted a seed of doubt about God’s truthfulness in Adam and Eve’s heart.  A deceiver, the first liar!

The taming of man had begun.

As men, we KNOW there is more to life than we are living now.  It is “common” to all of us.  We are told not to covet, desiring that which is someone else’s.  Why?  Because it is a false desire, it is a conquering that leaves the pursuer unfulfilled and desiring more.  God knows that it is an empty pursuit, because he knows what we need.  We need what he originally gave us, and we willingly gave up.  Fellowship and adventure rolled up into one.  Now we are nomads in search of that elusive Oasis of cool water, date palms, and gentle winds.  It is always just a little further than we are able to grasp.

Even as we do come into right relationship and fellowship with Father God through the sacrifice of his Son Jesus, we still tend to feel something is just not right.  Though it is a little closer.  We get there by realizing we don’t measure up to God’s standard, and he lifts us up.  But we are still a “little” lower than we should be.  We still long for that home where the Wild Man is free to be whom he was meant to be.  What we come to realize is this place we are living looks like home for the most part, but there is something out of place- something is askew- something is missing, but it is hard to put our finger on just what that is.  It seems that this place is cursed (it is) and we just can’t seem to fix it.

We want adventure, but we have been domesticated.  We want to run and not be weary, but we are exhausted by life.  We want freedom, but we settle for security.  Why?

Even our church experience has become dull.  We sit through sermon after sermon and our minds wander.  We settle for traditionalism over trailblazing, for law keeping over freedom in Christ, for busyness over creating.  We are very busy, but what are we busy about?  Every day we go to the same old job, and come back to the same old home and watch the same old thing and go to bed at the same old time, to do the same old thing tomorrow.  It is torturous, it is mundane, and it is killing us- well most of us.  Some have escaped this “rat race”.

Why do you think you have Billy Joel singing, “I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun”?  Because it is the truth, we have lost our way, we have made the wild to be tame.  It was the same when Jesus walked the earth, the tame, “educated” religionists did not know what to do with John the “Wild Man by the Jordan”!  They were accustomed to being looked up to, to being respected in their position, but this guy was calling them snakes, and worse yet he was instilling this in the hearts of those who followed him, he ate bugs for crying out loud, he was, well, WILD.

But John the Baptist communed with God—-IN THE WILDERNESS.  He had found what he was looking for, and he was happy and comfortable in it!  He wasn’t perfect, but he was doing what made him happy.

There are others who have found it as well; Samson (at least for a while); Elisha; Joseph; Daniel.  And more recently; Jonathan Edwards; the Wesley brothers; William Boothe; Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis; Watchman Nee and Witness Nee; John Eldredge.

The interesting thing is this, none of these men were or are, extraordinary-  they are common folk who have listened to the instructions on how to get back to where man had fallen from.  None of them are perfect, but they are good at listening to the call of the shepherd.  Jesus said, “My sheep KNOW my voice”.  They willingly sacrificed the ordinary, to be able to throw off the shackles of the mundane, to break out of the pin, and run wild!

Domestication is for farm animals, we know it, we don’t like it, but we maintain a heard mentality, because of FEAR.  It is a shame that we fear to capture- no- recapture the FREEDOM we once had.  And Church does not help us to recapture it either in many instances. In many cases it helps to ensnare instead of set free.  The Bible says, “Those whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.”  Who in their right mind, would want to endure that for eternity?  The world THINKS that they will be the ones partying, while the saints will be bored out of their minds!  Why?  That is what the Church is portraying for them in most cases- Pure Domestication Indoctrination!  But it is a FALSE picture, WE WILL BE AT THE PARTY-THE WEDDING FEAST OF THE LAMB-WHERE THE FATTED CALF WILL BE SERVED!  We need to LIVE and BREATH in the Freedom that this encapsulates.  We, AS THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, need to learn to LIVE, and invite others to enjoy real freedom.

You CAN be free, but you must choose to be.


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