Why the Climate Change Hoax?

By now you know that the whole climate change thing was a ruse. The question is WHY did they do it. Distort and manipulate data to come out with a desired outcome. (Like the word play there?) What would be their motivations? Obviously money is involved in their motivations, perhaps fame, now, it seems infamy. Yet the some in the WILLING press still are saying MAN-MADE global warming is still real. And some in Congress are still pushing taxes as the answer to stop what is NOT a threat.

So what is the reason that a certain TYPE of person would manipulate, and the same TYPE of person would push, and the same TYPE of person would accept that which is NOT TRUE? And what would cause them to still push it when the fraud was found out?

This is an intriguing set of questions. One which I think I have found through reading a book that is over 50 years old. It is called Miracles by C. S. Lewis . In the first chapter he describes, in a cogent manner, the two opposing views of naturalism and supernaturalism. Basically the naturalist believes that all things consist and depend upon another, that all events are a result of the whole of nature, and that there really is no “Free Will” because “Nature” plods along and causes the results that we now find ourselves in, therefore “Nature” causes us to choose what we choose. He also explains that if there are “gods” like those of the Romans, they would also be INSIDE of nature, because they were made gods after nature existed, they use (manipulate) natural forces like lightening, earthquakes, etc., just like we manipulate the same electrons to produce radio signals. On the other hand, Supernaturalism, has something, some first cause, that is outside of naturalism, which can bring into naturalism things that would manipulate nature itself, although this “something” created all the laws of nature, it could cause a temporary change to it.

While thinking on these things it dawned on me why the naturalists who DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE MANIPULATION of “nature” are pushing the fraud of Man-made Global Warming.

It is NOT just about the money, although that is a big part of it. It is about the continuing of the bigger fraud of naturalism. Most of the LIBERAL atheistic scientists and philosophers who are doing their best to disprove something that cannot with empirical science be dis-proven seem to be socialistic in their political views. Therefore they are ANTI-Capitalism. Yet capitalism is where the real money is made. These scientists are AT THE MERCY of capitalism in order to gain grants to support their work at their tenured Universities. Because so many of these tenured professorships are filled with those who hate God, freedom and capitalism, they teach with that world-view and are filling corporations with brainwashed liberals who further support their favorite professors with endowments.

Unfortunately for these naturalists, every time socialism is tried, it fails financially, yet succeeds in bringing those who had freedom into bondage. We could go into the failure of the USSR, North Korea, and China of the last century. With the exception of North Korea, the other communist countries either failed or moved away from communism towards a more capitalist economic strategy. Europe, which blossomed after WW2 moved towards socialism and as we see now, the EU is suffering from an implosion of debt that is caused by it.

So, with that in mind, why was the fraud perpetrated? Since universities depend on public funding for their survival, and since they are anti-capitalist in make-up of their faculties, and since many feel the crunch from boycotts from time to time due to economic downturns or because corporations find they cannot support the anti-capitalist nature of some universities, a plan had to be put in place to manipulate governments to tax businesses to help fund those socialist universities. Thus the idea to manipulate data on climate, to make it a crisis. Thus the Carbon Tax on all businesses, and in turn governments would fund “research” that would curb the “man-made” global warming.

Remember these two quotes:

Follow the money trail.
If it is complicated, there is a buck in it.

Why did these scientists manipulate the data? When you pull the onion back to the basic core, it is because they hate God. They see no problem using fraud to further that hate. They also know that most people do not have their world view, therefore it is O K in their minds to commit fraud for the furtherance of their cause. They use the fruits of that fraud to corrupt the minds of their students against an understanding that there is indeed a “first cause”. Unfortunately for them, they are being manipulated themselves by the god of this world. They are “enlightened” by the one who appears as an angel of light. Thinking they are free from the reigns of the God of the Universe, and can do what they please, they have instead stepped into the trap that was set for them, and have become slaves to deceit, and have learned that deceit is the way to get what they want.


2 thoughts on “Why the Climate Change Hoax?

  1. “By now you know that the whole climate change thing was a ruse.”

    OMG please wake up! The scientific consensus on this is rock solid! How arrogant to think you know better than the National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society and the IPCC. I doubt you even understand the history and import of these institutions. Your ignorance, arrogance and blindness and indifference are shocking!

    I wonder how your children and future generations will react to the willfully bind such as you who failed to act in the face of catestrophic climate change?


    • Bill, Bill, Bill,

      Where have you been in the last 6 months???? Ever heard of climate gate? The fact that all of this was a lie to GET YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
      I feel for you, you willingly allow others to think for you, when in fact they are stealing you blind.


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