Israel Brings Out the Racism of the Left * Update @ Bottom

I love it when Israel defends herself. It brings the racist liberal majority out of the woodwork. Today I was listening to a Wisconsin Public Radio show and ALL of the liberals were against Israel. Some facts that were not brought up.

American Terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhne are behind the “Flotilla”

The 10 year “Cooling Down” that the Hamas supporting first guest talked about is to allow Hamas to have open borders, mainly to rearm against Israel.

Hamas continues to shoot missiles into Israel.

Israel closed the border due to homicide bombers coming into Israel and blowing themselves up for maximum damage to civilians and tourists.

Two Israeli airplanes were shot at TODAY.

Israelis and Christians were not the religion of the terrorists who flew the airliners that flew into OUR U.S. buildings, that beheaded Daniel Pearl (a liberal reporter, to bad he was of the race liberals hate), Paul Johnson, 10 Philippine Marines who were trying to free a Priest, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. I could go on and on. You liberals have got a screw loose in your cognitive machine. If it were not for the fact that your beliefs are so dangerous, I would just go by you like I do with those with the Obama stickers and just shake my head in pity.

What I cannot for the life of me understand is this, how can those who call themselves Jews support administration after administration here in the United States who do not support Israel? It makes no sense. Why would you vote for someone who puts your people at a disadvantage?


She says the Jews should go back to Germany where 6 million of them were killed. Please read the linked article and watch the imbedded video there. Likely she will NOT face ANY sanctions for her racism:

Helen Thomas: Jews Should Go Back to ‘Germany’ or ‘Poland’ and ‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine’

Ari Fleischer (Former Bush administration Press Secretary) is calling for Hearst Newspapers to fire her.

The fact that she even said this shows the left have a hatred for other races. What is even more insidious is the fact that the “press” has convinced blacks and Hispanics and poor whites they are their friends. There are MANY blacks that are living in squaller in inner cities that live in fear every day of being gunned down in drug violence, yet every election they are bussed into polling places to vote for liberals who TALK about helping them, WHEN WILL THE HELP COME? The same can be said for poor whites and Hispanics. There are more people killed in these populations than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined every year, yet the LOVING LIBERALS that they elect DO NOTHING TO STOP IT!
People like Helen Thomas who are in the press ARE THEIR ENEMIES the problem is they don’t realize it.


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