U.S. Left Suffering From Stockholm Like Syndrome

It really could not be classified as Stockholm Syndrome, the psychosomatic disorder of trying to relate to captors, even to the point of defending them, but it is closely related in that they are trying to defend the indefensible acts of hatred and terrorism that went on on 9-11. I call it Ground Zero Syndrome.
It is based on three associated symptoms:
A hatred for anything that they perceive coming from conservatives, a self-loathing for their particular race, and an unhealthy belief that if something bad happens it is America’s fault.
The three symptoms are the only explanation for the lefts support of an Islamic Center so close to Ground Zero, the area still not built back again from the rubble of the World Trade Center Terrorist attack of 9-11-01. It also explains why the left has such vitriol against Americans who are against the Islamic Center.
The left in this country are against anything that is good, right and just. You would wonder how they have managed to get to such places of influence such as the liberal main stream media.
Well, the blinders are off for the rest of us about who these America Haters are and their ratings are tanking because of it.
Hopefully they will try to get some help or medication for their ailment.


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