The Myth Of The Extreme Right

You’ve heard it in all of the main stream (liberal) media, and in most of the articles written by the NY Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, News Week, at el. “Right Wing Extremist”. It is a canard. What is interesting about it is those who write these screeds from the AP and the rest of the MSM are living in a bubble of those who think like they do, go to the same places they do, do the same things that they do. They account for a small, elitist element of the American public, yet they drive viewpoints that most THINKING people oppose. (Yeah, I just used one of their famous insults!)
They think Sarah Palin is extreme and stupid, (One of their own, snarky Katie Couric did an amazing job of editing in her “interview” of Palin to keep that myth up!) (Note to those Republicans running for office, the main stream press are NOT your friends, my advice, if there is to be an interview, bring in your own cameras as well, if they protest, do not do the interview, and while the interview is going on ask the talking heads what their views are!) however, she speaks to the American dream, and most people agree with her on TARP, Stimulus, the socialism of the Health Care bill, etc.
The middle do not think their kids should be subjected to weird sex education, higher taxes, a majority do no agree with abortion, especially partial birth murder, and are opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque. Yet when the main stream media does a story on a candidate who holds those views, they paint them with an “extremist” brush.
But who are the real extremists? Those would be people who believe in “Spreading the wealth”, pushing the other than normal sexual agendas, not developing our own resources, over spending in state governments, government employees making more than the private sector which most of us are in, Socialism, disregarding the constitution, legislating from the bench, denying free speech with political correctness,. These are all issues that those talking heads in the MSM believe in.
We are tired of the softball interviews you do with liberals Pols, never challenging them when they throw out complete lies about their opponents, yet when you “interview” conservatives, you try to hand them their heads on a platter.
YOU are the extremists, and soon you will be without jobs, as the heads of your departments have found out. Funny, you cannot find left wing extremists, because you think you are the middle when in fact you are the extremists yourselves.


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