You Have To Be Educated Out Of Knowing There Is A God

Those who CLAIM to be Atheist did not get there by natural means. They have to be brainwashed out of the knowledge of God. They have to disregard what is written in their hearts, and still there is the nagging feeling they are wrong. They have to deny the evidence that is all around them that an intelligent being HAD to create all that can be known, seen, and felt.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He hath made everything beautiful in its time: also he hath set eternity in their heart, yet so that man cannot find out the work that God hath done from the beginning even to the end.

“He set eternity in their heart” It cannot be denied that men want to live forever, they are afraid of the finality of death, they morn when family or friends die, it just seems unfair! Some have used this to blame God, and try to erase him not only from their minds, but even from the public forum. But even if successful, they will never be able to rid their heart of knowing they want eternity.

The Bible says of those who try to do this as being the hight of foolishness.

Psalm 14:1a

The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God.

Logically, there is no way to prove there is no God, those who claim atheism will object in two areas to this:

1. It would be incumbent upon those that claim God exists to prove it,
2. You cannot prove a negative

However, both objections are fallacious. All of recorded human history shows belief in higher powers, the atheist view is new, so in order for that view to be accepted, IT MUST BE THE ONE TO PROVE HUMAN HISTORY AS BEING WRONG.

Negatives are proved all the time! Two proof of this:

modus ponens: affirming the antecedent or the law of detachment


Modus tollens: denying the consequent

other proofs are negative balances, negative temperatures, etc.

Again, it is incumbent on the denier to prove their point.

Life force in it’s very nature proves God. Why is something alive? When someone dies, everything that was in them physically before they died remains, however, something changes, we all know it, there is no LIFE left in them. What is that life force, science has no answer, they try to say it is electrical impulses, but, electrical impulses remain for quite a while after the life force is removed, blood cells still have electrical impulses much longer than brain cells, although, by a limited time.

People have changed lives, this also proves a higher power, and also is a great problem for atheists. They can come up with other explanations, which atheistic scientists try to do in many areas of science, but all of these fail the test. The problem for their arguments is the diversity of personalities that have their lives changed when God is accepted on Biblical terms.

I love this part of Ecclesiastes 3:11

“he hath set eternity in their heart”

It is a set of words beautifully put together, it brings up feelings of wonder and nostalgia all at the same time. It is a comforting, alive, and profound set of words that proclaim a truth that can only be denied by a lying heart and lips that hate God for unsubstantiated reasoning.

If you are tired of the struggle against your heart, please take the time to write to me. We can discuss it, I care for you!


2 thoughts on “You Have To Be Educated Out Of Knowing There Is A God

  1. Hi there.

    I have no interest in converting you away from religion, because if it feels right to you, go for it. I believe in free will, like all atheists.

    However, it’s not your place to assume you know what I think or feel. There is no “nagging doubt in my heart” about being an atheist. I don’t cling to invisible gods that were invented thousands of years ago by frightened humans who didn’t understand natural processes. I don’t need “faith” in the natural world. Faith is for people who can’t accept contrary facts.

    Why is it “natural” to be Christian? There are far more non-Christians on Earth than Christians. As for being brainwashed, how is indoctrinating a child from birth to believe in an invisible, highly illogical deity not brainwashing? I was raised a Christian because I had no choice. I became an athiest when I started asking questions for myself.

    I’m not trying to give you a hard time or be a troll. Your beliefs are strong and part of your worldview, just as my views are part of mine. Please don’t presume to know my motivations, though. You’re not in my head. Trust me, it’s very cramped in there, and the films they show have no plot.


    • Thanks for writing, I would like you to reread my post, nowhere in it did I mention it being “natural” to be a Christian. I said to believe in higher powers. Big difference.
      It is not natural to believe in Christ as savior, point in fact, it goes against man’s nature to do so, for we are taught autonomy from birth. There are thousands who come to Jesus who were not raised in a Christian home, so I am not sure where the indoctrinating from a child comes from in those cases. I am truly sorry about your experiences that caused you to feel deeply hurt about having no choice, and would like to explore more of your questions if you would share them with me. If you want to do so privately I understand and would welcome that as well. I really appreciate you caring enough to write.

      I think you have a good sense of humor! πŸ™‚


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