Action NOT Theory

I once was a member of a Multi-Level Marketing Company.  One Saturday night my up-line decided to have everyone over to call people we knew.  We had our scripts ready and practiced.  My wife and I went into one of the bedrooms and made our calls to see if people we knew would let us come over to discuss the business.
While we were putting the plan into action ALL of the people in our up=line were talking about making calls, what they would say if someone answered IF they made those calls, BUT NEVER MADE ANY CALLS.  I came out a little perturbed and said, “Are you going to make calls or is this just a Theory session?”  They did not like what I said.
Faith is not THEORY, it is action.  We do not become more Christ Like by just thinking about it.  We do not grow spiritually by talking about helping others.  We only do so by determining in our hearts to DO those things and actually DOING THEM.
If you are caught in a sin, a habitual sin, you must determine to do something else and pursue it with all your heart.  Theorizing does not get you there.  Write down your goal, put 3 or 4 action steps down then do them.

              When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God.

1 Corinthians 10:31CEV



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