A Response to Joe Scarborough’s Newsweek Article on the Death of the TEA Party Movement

JOE, JOE, JOE, come on man! Are you the same Joe Scarborough that I voted for when we both lived in Florida? The same Joe Scarborough that was endorsed by before and counseled by Chuck Baldwin (Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party) in regards to your marriage after you went to Washington? The same Joe Scarborough that I told my friends and neighbours about due to your conservative stances? You were conservative then, what happened? Was it all a rouse in order to get elected? You were a lawyer, so, that could be the case.
So apoplectic is your response to a movement that is gaining foothold not only in the American political scene, (they almost had NY23, they definitely were the reason the Republican establishment and Newt Gingrich endorsed Dede Scozzafava dropped out of the race (I find it telling that the Republican endorsed candidate endorsed the Democrat)), but also the Middle American Psyche.
The TEA Party movement is not obeying the establishment rules. It is attracting support not only from conservatives, which is it’s base, but also from liberal democrats.
The establishment media (also known as Main Stream Media, Old School Media, or Liberal Establishment Media) had tried their DARNDEST to paint the TEA Party movement as Racists, YET one of the TEA Parties favorite candidates is Lt. Col. Allen West of Florida, Michael Williams of Texas who is running for Kay Bailey Hutchinson seat is also in TEA Party sights for endorsement. Although the establishment media of which Joe is now a part are doing their level best to denigrate their fellow US citizen brothers and sisters by using disparaging terms (and it is called “mature” media???), those who join it are not discouraged. They are excited that they CAN make a difference in their government, something JOE ran on when he was first running in Florida.
Joe, I am surprised at you, what happened to you? Is the liberal mindset of those around you rubbing off on you, clogging your once clear cognitive abilities? Is there something in the water in Washington that changed you? When I listen to you now, it is like watching the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, your voice sounds the same (lost a little of the southern drawl you once had), you look the same, but there is something horribly wrong with you. You are no longer the Old Joe.
The TEA Party may be something the liberal media establishment, which, Joe, you are now a part of, would like to go away, but it is organic, and dynamic, and exciting, and growing.
Let me ask you something Joe, does the Democratic party have meetings in normal people’s homes all over this GREAT nation? Does the Republican Party? Do either of the parties that have been in power for 150 years or more and that DON’T GET ANYTHING DONE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have a system in which they get their information out to their people on a weekly basis? Sometimes daily? No?
Well, I guess I will take your assessment of a phenomena you have not investigated by getting involved with it with a large grain of salt. You, Newsweek, and the rest of the dying establishment media can be writing the obituary for the TEA party, but it seems they think misery is company as the numbers for their readership is dwindling to the point that many are stopping their print media and your MSNBC in the Broadcast media is a case in point.
Joe, you may be gloating on the death of something, but you fail to see that it is actually you and those who are reactionary against a movement that has just begun, who have the vultures circling over you. Look up Joe.