How The West Was Lost

We have come a long way in a very short time, 13 months. We have lost the respect of all nations. Some will contend that we lost the respect of all other nations during the the Bush administration. This is absolute MYTH, perpetrated by a liberal media that hates what our nation was founded and built upon.
They HATED his “swagger”. Why? Because the left is full of make up wearing “Metro-males”.
What is the real definition of a metro-male? It is a contorted image of a REAL MAN.
The left bought into the lie that Europe would respect us if we were more “European”. The fact is, many in power in Europe wants a weakened United States. It will make their manufacturing output stronger. Thus will make the Euro stronger as well. They want the Euro to be the world trading currency and move away from the dollar.
We have lost the respect of the world because of the current administration. The chief executive of which can’t bow to enough leaders. NEVER BEFORE has a US President been disrespected like the current occupant of the Peoples White House. He is an embarrassment. He is a make-up wearing “Metro-male”.

What man is considered a real man today? A man of strength who puts his country first, and talks tough? Our Metro-male is too busy giving terrorists their “Miranda rights” so they can get “lawyered up” and refuse to talk so we can get any good intelligence from them. When asked about terrorists, Putin stated, “If you want to become an Islamic fundamentalist and be circumcised, come to Moscow. We are multiconfessional. We have very good specialists. I can recommend one for the operation. He’ll make sure nothing grows back.
Shocking… Shocking I tell you!!! to the left. They can’t stand it when a man talks like a man, it gets them all WEE WEED up. Their panties all bunched up. It might even make some of them cry.

We once had real men that made a difference on world political situations. One was Chuck Conners. A little background on him before he went to Hollywood. He is the first to break a glass backboard in the NBA. He is one of only 8 men who played both Professional Basketball and Baseball at the same time, in fact he was signed with the Chicago Bears to play professional football, but took the Hollywood contract before he suited up.
In the series “The Rifleman”, he was a tough, don’t back down, NO FEAR, rancher, who was not afraid to use his rifle to do away with those who tried to kill others or him first, although he hated that any man should die that way. He was also a GOD fearing man, who loved his son and taught him well from the Bible and from life experiences. He never backed down when challenged, and boldly stated, “I will drink with whoever I choose to have a drink with, and no one will tell me what to do!”
In fact the opening scene of every “Rifleman” episode had him shooting his modified Winchester 92, after-which he would be staring in the camera with that confident, “Mess with me at your own risk” look.

This is the backdrop to the thawing of the relationship between the US and Cold War Era Moscow. Brezhnev it seems, respected Connors. In fact, Connors went up to Brezhnev and picked him up in a big bear hug. Then Conners gave the LEADER of the Communist world his six shooters as a gift.
I kinda doubt that a metro-male would bear hug Putin, a metro male would possibly try to give a tenderfoot hug, but Putin would not let a metro-male get near enough before he used his martial arts on him. And I doubt Putin would accept the metro-male’s make-up compact with mirror.

Back to President Bush. Although he totally lost it his last few months in office due to the banking crises caused by the Democrat controlled congress not reigning in Freddie and Fannie’s illogical lending practices (because they were campaign cash cows for the Democrats), Was RESPECTED by Europe, maybe not liked, but was respected. That may be hard for metro-males reading this to take, but, sometimes the truth hurts.